Facial Reflexology

We offer Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology, using  the Sorensensistem, was developed by Lone Sorensen. 

Facial Reflexology is a modern technique that has its roots in oriental medicine. It is a method that, mainly, aims to treat the cause of a disease. This means that, instead of treating the symptoms, the physical and emotional unbalances are analyzed and treated, that are normally the cause of diverse ailments.

The methods that are being used at the moment have passed through long and exhaustive research and through a combined methodology of oriental medicine, the primitive techniques of the South American Indians plus modern research in neuro anatomy. So, it can be said that Facial Reflexology is a combination of zone therapy and up-to-date Reflexology, through Neurological observations.

Lone Sorensen says,  “ The main thing about Facial Reflexology is the integration of the whole body through the connection between the C.N.S. and the Meridians, canalizing the electrical flow."

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