The Team


Our therapists have completed intensive training in Ka Huna massage therapy at Mettes Institute in Queensland and are accredited with Australian Massage Associations such as IICT , ATMS or MAA.



BRIDGET: Ka Huna massage follows the Hawaiian spiritual traditions of placing equal emphasis on connecting with the earth, your body, your emotions and spirit and it is this harmonising approach which has attracted Bridget to Ka Huna Massage.

She believes that the bringing together and nurturing of the Mind, Body and Spirit is the key to a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.   Bridget has more strings to her bow, having trained in Reiki, and has a Diploma of Remedial Massage from Nature Care College in Sydney.  Bridget is also a certified Facial Reflexologist and has studied Craniosacral Therapy at the Craniosacral Institute Australia. As a certified Meditation Facilitator, Bridget benefits from her daily meditation practice and is available to help you with understanding and creating your own meditation practice.


PAULA: After a series of health issues, Paula's life was completely changed when she started practicing Bikram Yoga 3 times a week.  Her health improved significantly and Paula was inspired to become a Bikram Yoga Teacher.  She realised how important it is to take responsibility for your health and well being in every day life, which included receiving regular massages. 
After her first Ka Huna Massage, she decided then and there to become a Ka Huna Massage Therapist.  "I feel so fortunate to be able to help other people find a way to live a healthy, happy life." 
By understanding and observing the body through teaching Bikram Yoga, Paula intuitively works with massage clients on the table to help alleviate pain and stress from the body.

MARIANA: Marianas passion for Ka Huna was ignited after her very first massage: "My first Ka Huna massage was a transformative experience for me. I realised I could live my life with so much more joy, bliss and happiness than I had previously thought was possible"

Since then, Mariana has embraced Ka Huna as an essential part of her life, through both giving and receiving massages, which is evident whenever a client receives a massage from Mariana.


"True Joy results when we become aware of our connectedness to everything."
             Paul Pearsall


"Jumping for Joy is good excercise"