We are a massage practice for women.

Ka Huna massage, also known
as Hawaiian massage, originated in the South
Pacific and was passed down through
generations.  The Hawaiian people view all
aspects of the body as one, believing that the
mind, body and spirit are all part of the whole

At Ka Huna Massage Therapy we incorporate
Ka Huna with Remedial Massage or Reiki,
depending what the client needs.
Ka Huna is a flowing therapeutic
massage that can be gentle or firm. 

You will have a consultation prior to the
massage to discuss your needs and expectations,
be they physical or emotional. This could mean
you might require more remedial massage
to release aching muscles or relaxation massage
to relieve stress and fatigue. You will be in a safe
place with each massage being tuned to you
and your body. 

We use 100% organic coconut oil to
additionally nourish your body.
Ka Huna massage is powerful and cleansing.
It is important to focus on your breath during
the massage and to allow your body to receive
the treatment.  This can assist in the release 
of old stored emotions, leaving you feeling 
light and transformed by the process.

It is advisable to drink plenty of water after
the massage as it will help your body remove
any toxins that might have built up. 

Ka Huna massage for Stress Relief
Ka Huna massage is particularly effective
for anyone suffering from stress or
emotional distress.