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We are a massage practice for women                   
You can find us here:
We are located in the

Bikram Yoga Wellness Centre

Upstairs at 18 Wattle Rd
Brookvale NSW 2100
(near MANLY)


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"I have had many massages in my life, and a Ka Huna bodyworker myself, Bridget is the one I choose to go to.  It is a gentle relaxing experience full of integrity and love that makes me feel energised and with a feeling of well being for a long time.  Definitely the best massage in Sydney."  Alison C.

"Paula, I felt so totally different after your incredible massage.  I arrived stressed & anxious and left feeling as though you had literally lifted the weight off my shoulders!  Thank you so very much.  I will be booking in every month."  Sally L.

"I practice and teach Pilates 6 days a week and often end up with sore muscles.  But I receive regular massages from Bridget which keep me balanced.  Bridget has a way of tuning into what my body needs using a combination of remedial massage and Ka Huna.  During the massage I feel completely safe and nourished and able to let go and release any stress and pain."  Julie F.
"I used to think I had already experienced the best massage, that was, until I had a Ka Huna massage with Paula.  She has the ability to know exactly what my body needs with each massage and afterwards I feel like a totally new person.  Thank you Paula."  Kerrie R.